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Posts Tagged ‘South’

Amine Airaki

My name is Amine Airaki and I am from Al Hoceima in the Rif region of Morocco. I fell in love with soccer as a young boy, and I remember sneaking out of the house to play soccer with my friends. Being pretty competitive, coaching came pretty naturally to me as I played/coached my teammates…

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Fouad Airaki

My name is Fouad Airaki.  I was born in Al-Hoceima, Morocco, in the Rif region.  I spent my childhood playing soccer with my neighborhood friends, and siblings.  This instilled a life long love of the sport which lead me to coaching as an adult.   In 2002, I moved to Brussels, Belgium to continue my…

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Shelby Kindl

At a young age my parents threw me into the game not knowing what to expect. Of course, I was the kid doing cartwheels and picking dandelions, not even the slightest but interested in the game.  In my head I believe this crazy story, that one dat I was doing a cartwheel at soccer and…

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Ben Galvez

The path(s) that life takes you down are nothing short of unpredictable and, when in retrospect, fascinating.  My path, the miles already traveled and the City miles still ahead of me, are no exception to the rule! Before I was afforded an opinion, my father had laid out the foundation for what would become the…

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