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Tom Paparounis

As a young person I struggled with confidence. I dealt with a tremendous amount of self-doubt, insecurity, and depression. But Soccer and Goalkeeping specifically allowed me to be the confident person I always wanted to be. When I stepped onto the field, goalkeeping demanded of me the resiliency and leadership qualities I needed to possess in order to be great. Soon these traits followed me off of the field and helped mold me into the person I am today.

I played collegiate soccer and was able to play professionally for several seasons in the USL. I have since coached collegiately at the DI, DIII and NAIA levels but what I am most passionate about and why I began coaching, is to help young soccer players find their unique path in life through soccer. We might play this game for a few years or if we are lucky, even longer, but the lessons we learn and the relationships we build will last a lifetime.