Shelby Kindl


Chicago City Soccer


At a young age my parents threw me into the game not knowing what to expect. Of course, I was the kid doing cartwheels and picking dandelions, not even the slightest but interested in the game.  In my head I believe this crazy story, that one dat I was doing a cartwheel at soccer and when landing I kicked the ball. That was my magic moment, when it just clicked and I was hooked.

I became the player at the local field who would only go home when the streetlights came on. The player who would always be down for one more game, the player who enjoyed 6AM conditioning. Needless to say, soccer became my life!

In most cases where there is a high, there is also a low. I was 15 and in my Sophomore year of high school when I tore my ACL and my meniscus. It was scary, in more ways that one. About 13 months later, I was at a tryout, took a shot on goal and tore my other ACL. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through but I would not change a single moment of it. I was determined to get back to the field as my dream was to play college soccer and I was not going to give up on that. I went on to play a season in college before tearing my meniscus and having my third knee surgery.

The reason I wouldn’t change a single moment is because it led me to where I am today. After my last surgery I decided to pack up and move to Chicago. For a while it has been my passion and hope to give back to the soccer community because it has given me so much. Soccer taught me so many important life lessons that I don’t believe I would have gotten anywhere else. I am big on creating positive spaces that all players are comfortable in as confidence is key. My Goal is to be more than just a coach, its to inspire, push, motivate and build skills that will help players succeed in all areas of their life.