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Ignacio Sola

Head of Sports Performance

  • Certified FC Barcelona Psychology for High Performance Sports
  • Certified FC Barcelona Training & Competition for Sports
  • ISSA Certified Youth Fitness Trainer
  • XPT Performance and breathing Coach
  • Certified Nutrition for  Sports Performance

Ignacio “Nacho” Sola was a former elite rugby in Argentina, playing at club and regional levels and participated in the USA Rugby Combine in 2015. Always passionate about sports and youth fitness created Athletic Optimization, a proprietary method to focus on the foundational aspects of physical development of players to achieve better performance on and off the field.  Always with the objective to develop players’ fundamental physical body and mental health during the pre-season and in-season sessions to help them enjoy the sports they love!

Nacho already tested over 100 CCSC players across all age groups to help coaches, parents and player set measurable objectives to impact their performance. Power, speed, endurance, breathing,  cognitive reaction all aspects that impact players performance but mostly their levels of enjoyment of the sport. He is passionate about working with parents, coaches,  players and athletes beyond the sports specific skills to help sustain those tactical and technical skills longer in games!

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