Edgar Camberos


Chicago City Soccer

I’m originally from Bolivia, I grew up in La Paz where I played soccer since I was 5. My first soccer club was my dad’s  neighborhood Club, Belisario Diaz Romero. Then I continued to play in High School and at elite soccer club called Mariscal Braun until my High School graduation when I was 18. At that time I had two very talented coaches, Felix Berdeja and Carlos Soliz that really help in my development as a player.

I was a good player but not really exceptional to try the professional pathway, that is why I decided to continue my studies and I obtained a scholarship from Universidad Privada Boliviana where I studied electromechanical engineering. When in school, I played for the University until I finish my grade. 

After graduation, I started to work and I only played for fun with my friends. 

In 2010, I moved to Switzerland to study and live with my wife, my first worry when I arrived there was to play soccer right away!, fortunately I found a club and I started to play in 5th division team, after two months I moved to 3rd division team where I stay for 1 year. After this experience, I played for different teams from 2nd division to 5th division until 2019. 

My first experience as a coach was in 2017 when I was playing for Lausanne Nord Academy and the club told me if I was interested in coaching a U10 team. The season was not really good but I liked the experience and I continued to coach in the club until 2020. In this time, I started my formation and obtained my UEFA C license. 


My experience with Chicago City Soccer Club started in September 2020, I moved to Chicago because my wife found a job here and I contacted Nick because I wanted to continue to coach. Since my first contact with the club and my first training session, I felt a part of the club because we shared the same ideas of the game and it was really easy to connect with my fellow coaches. 

I really appreciate the trust of the club and I want to help our next generation soccer players to                        

reach their maximum potential inside and outside the pitch.