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It is our club mission and philosophy to ensure that every player in our club develops as an athlete and a person on and off the field.

We use a curriculum that is designed to cater for every team from recreational to competitive to ensure similarities across all teams.

The pathway is critical in ensuring that all players have opportunities to have fun and succeedon and off the field throughout the year.

Player Placement

Tryouts is a chance for players to prove themselves as they compete with every player across the club. Our coaches constantly evaluate our current players throughout the season and take this into consideration when forming teams for the next season. We place players into teams that we believe will be the best for their development overall.  Our staff have been doing this for over 8 years and we deliberate for ours in the office over player placement to ensure that our members & new players are receiving the best placement for their soccer & personal development.


Player Movement

If a player is showing significant development, we will guest them up with another team. If a player is struggling with their team, we will potentially move them down to help them develop.


League Placement

Our teams are placed into the local YSSL & IWSL leagues and as a group of staff we choose the divisions based on the teams level and what we believe is best for their development.