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Dublin, Ireland
USSF - A License

Founder & Executive Director   |    WPSL  Head Coach   |    USL Scout     |    League Apps Advisory Council


Hello and welcome to Chicago City Soccer Club.

My name is Nick Mulvaney, I am from Dublin, Ireland. The game of soccer has taken me from a small village in Ireland to the big city lights of Chicago, but not without some bumps along the way. I have been very lucky and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to live a life through the game of soccer that has taken me from Dublin to Mississippi, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, London, and back to Chicago. where I have been able to create a home these past 7 years.

When I founded CCSC in 2013 I wanted to ensure I could create these same opportunities for the youth of Chicago. Soccer has been the best teacher for me in my life and it has helped me through some of the toughest times. Being part of many teams throughout my career with people from all over the world, I believe youth sports is an essential part of life and builds a strong character that can be taken into all wakes of life.

When I began creating the idea of Chicago City Soccer Club it was important to me that I was not only forming a youth soccer club who focused on winning but that I was creating an institution where the children in our city play soccer with the highest level of sportsmanship showcasing our true values and beliefs of doing everything the right way. It was essential to me that everyone associated with our brand would show quality in all areas of their life and respect everyone they encountered.

The key to this was bringing in the right people who not only cared for people in the way I believe but who also believed in my vision and wanted to be part of something special.

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