We Stand in Solidarity & Support.

Chicago City is both saddened and outraged by the tragic events and countless inequalities experienced across our communities. Inclusion and diversity are at the epicenter of everything we stand for at Chicago City and now more than even, we are committed to bringing our communities together through sport to be the healing and permanent change needed.

It is out duty to protect the communities in which we play, and we hope that as a Chicago City Family, we can stand together stronger than ever and be the change that we want to see. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many individuals, communities and families that have suffered during this time.

We can, and all must, do better.


We are here to listen

We understand the importance of Mental Health and incorporate strategies into our training to ensure and promote discussion. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, we are here and we will listen!


It is OK, to NOT be OK!



Members of our staff have undergone training to ensure that we are an LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone. If anyone needs help, advice or someone to talk to, please contact us.


A responsibility to protect the Children around us

Our coaches undergo annual mandated reporter training to ensure that we prevent, recognize, respond to and report child sexual abuse. In collaboration with the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center - our coaches continue to ensure that we are protecting our members and understanding our roles within the community.