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Child Protection Standards


In light of what we have learned regarding a recent incident within the soccer community at another local club in Chicago, I felt it was important to reaffirm CCSC’s strict policies and procedures for child protection. Every member of CCSC takes these matters seriously and I want to personally reiterate the standards we have in place and how they are enforced.

Our standards at the club puts every child’s safety and welfare at the forefront. As part of this we are constantly evaluating and improving all areas of the club and with each staff member and coach’s interactions with players. In order to continue We are committed to the following areas:


  • Requiring coaches to be USSF licensed with a comprehensive background check
  • Each staff member is trained through coursework from SafeSport that covers –
    • 1) Emotional & physical misconduct
    • 2) To identify questionable behavior
    • 3) Sexual misconduct awareness education
  • First Aid training
  • Completes a concussion identification protocol through Heads Up
  • Injury prevention classes with our partner Sports & Ortho.

Additionally, we bring in qualified groups to present relevant topic matters during our weekly meetings to address topics such as:

  • Child Abuse identification with the Children Advocacy Center
  • Bullying, Depression and Suicide awareness through Elyssa’s Mission
  • Internet Safety with the Chicago Police Department


As a club, it is also very important that we protect our coaching staff. We have various procedures that our members may not be aware of but they include, yet not limited to the following:

  • No coach may be alone in a car with a player(s) or drive any player(s) in their car at any time.
  • Two Coaches must always accompany any player(s) when a practice or game is cancelled and/or waiting on a parent/guardian to arrive.
  • No child will be left alone after a game or practice and must be checked out by their parents or a designated guardian.
  • If any child is taking public transportation home, a parent or guardian must notify their coach in writing beforehand.
  • Parents must come to the fields to pick up their child unless communicated in writing to the coach beforehand.


  • No coach is allowed to be friends on their personal facebook or instagrams with any member belonging to CCSC present or past, parent or player.
  • No coach is allowed to follow any club members parent or player on their professional accounts.
  • No coach is allowed to email any player directly after 6pm unless it is an emergency and in doing so they must CC/copy another coach or parent on the message.
  • No coach is allowed to text players and if they need to respond it must be done via email, or phone call to the parent /guardian.
  • All members must be set up online to receive club originated emails or texts to be a part of the club.


  • All private coach’s training must go through the CCSC website and must be carried out at selected locations which are in public view and chosen by CCSC. If any coach is caught carrying out a private training session without going through the club, their contract will be terminated.
  • We will be only honoring small group sessions moving forward in which 2 parents or guardians and 2 coaches must be present.
  • We are adding CCTV to our HQ office for all off the field player sessions.



We are excited to be transitioning to a new and improved website and communication platform for 2019-20. This will offer:

  • Chicago City Dedicated App
    • Team Schedule
    • Communication
    • Billing
  • Text notifications for club communication
    • Cancelled Practice/ Important Information
  • All communication moving forwards will be through email
  • New and updated website

Also, there will be no longer ANY communication after 6pm from coaches unless it is an emergency and coaches will respond first thing the next day.


Every member of CCSC staff, coaches, and board member, takes these matters very seriously. Our approach at the club is to put every child’s safety and welfare at the forefront of everything we do.  We know it is important to create a trusted, respectful, and positive environment for all of our players and parents.

Please know we have an open door policy for all of our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to notify us so that we can assess the situation accordingly.

If you are not comfortable discussing with your child’s coach please reach out to one of the following directors:

Nick Mulvaney: Executive Director –
Craig McDonald: Girls Director –
Pedja Maksimovic: Boys Director –
Emina Zvizdich: HS Director –
Slavo Rafailovic: Technical Director –
Heather Bickerton: Marketing & PR Director
Chris Steward: Adminstration