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Ben Galvez

The path(s) that life takes you down are nothing short of unpredictable and, when in retrospect, fascinating.  My path, the miles already traveled and the City miles still ahead of me, are no exception to the rule! Before I was afforded an opinion, my father had laid out the foundation for what would become the…

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Shelby Kindl

At a young age my parents threw me into the game not knowing what to expect. Of course, I was the kid doing cartwheels and picking dandelions, not even the slightest but interested in the game.  In my head I believe this crazy story, that one dat I was doing a cartwheel at soccer and…

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Edgar Camberos

I’m originally from Bolivia, I grew up in La Paz where I played soccer since I was 5. My first soccer club was my dad’s  neighborhood Club, Belisario Diaz Romero. Then I continued to play in High School and at elite soccer club called Mariscal Braun until my High School graduation when I was 18.…

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Tyler Roey

After moving from Sunnyvale, California to Chicago to attend Loyola University Chicago, I instantly enjoyed living in Chicago. Being here allowed me to join the Chicago City Soccer Club coaching staff and start my coaching career.   Like most, I have been playing soccer all my life, and I have found a true love for…

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Heather Bickerton

Ever since I was a very young kid, football (soccer) was my life. My parents took me to Blackburn Rovers games after I turned 2 and its been an amazing journey so far. Growing up in England in the 90’s, we didn’t have girls football as it hadn’t really grown at that point, so until…

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Marie Zenere

My name is Marie Zenere, and I am from the Southside of Chicago. I currently act as the CCSC Financial Administrator and Board Member. I became involved with CCSC through the previous club Chicago Lakefront Attack Soccer Club which I had founded back in 1997 as a Girls Soccer Travel Club. I have coached throughout…

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Tom Paparounis

Tom has over 15 years coaching experience working with goalkeepers ranging from Division 1 collegiate athletes to club and high school players. His coaching influences come from working with many greatly respected goalkeeping coaches from around the United States and Europe, namely former Ireland National Team goalkeeper, DC United goalkeeping coach, Alan Kelly Sr. and…

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